The SAKHAWAT CENTRE is the charitable unit of Iqbal Memorial Trust , J & K facilitates the MERIT/ MERIT-CUM- MEANS SCHOLARSHIP for the students of Kashmir Province. This Scholarship is for 8th, 9th& 10th Class.

Requisite Criteria:

(a) %age of Marks in the previous class. 70% and above.
(b) Family income per annum less than 3 lac.

B – MERIT SCHOLARSHIP- This Scholarship is only for 11th-class students.

Requisite Criteria:

(a) %age of marks in class 10th BOSE exam of 2021-22 80% & above.
(b) Family income per annum less than 6 lac.

The Parents of Late Jiobriel Jameel are sponsoring the scholarship to students of IITM in memory of their son who was studying in BBA 3rd year at IITM in 2015. The scholarship will be named as “JIBRAIL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP”.

It is a yearly scholarship to meritorious and deserving students up to the tune of Rupees One Lac per year in two installments.
The financial condition and the academic performance of the students will be taken into consideration before entitling them to the scholarship.
If any students covering the above criteria are orphans, he/she will be given preference for the scholarship.