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50 Exceptional Students Received Scholarships From Taj & Zakir Foundation USA And Sakhawat Centre J&K.

February 3, 2024

Taj and Zakir Foundation and Sakhawat Centre's Scholarship Celebrate Academic Excellence In a momentous ceremony held on the 3rd of February at the prestigious Iqbal Institute of Technology and Management in Hyderpora, India.

Taj and Zakir Foundation, in collaboration with Sakhawat Centre's Scholarship, proudly awarded scholarships to more than 50 exceptional students. The event was graced by the presence of eminent Chief Guest Taj Syed, President of STEM Scholarship, and presided over by Dr. Yousuf ul Umer, Chairman of IMT and Administrator of Sakhawat Centre.The distinguished guests also included Mr. Mohammad Ashraf, Secretary of Sakhawat Centre, Er. M. A. Qureshi, Secretary of IMT, and the esteemed Director of IITM, Dr. R. A. Thakur. Their collective presence underscored the significance of the occasion, highlighting the commitment of these organizations to fostering education and empowering the youth.

The scholarships were awarded to more than 50 meritorious and necessitous students, recognizing their academic achievements and financial needs. This collaborative effort by Taj and Zakir Foundation and Sakhawat Centre aims to bridge educational gaps and create opportunities for promising students to pursue higher education.

The venue, Iqbal Institute of Technology and Management, provided a fitting backdrop for the event, resonating with the spirit of education and innovation. The recipients of the scholarships expressed gratitude for the support they received, emphasizing the transformative impact these awards will have on their educational journey.

Taj and Zakir Foundation, in conjunction with Sakhawat Centre, remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing education and providing avenues for talented individuals to excel. The ceremony served as a testament to the organizations' dedication to empowering the next generation of leaders through academic support.