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Industrial Visits

Our Industrial Visits program offers students the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of real-world industries. Through these educational excursions, students can witness firsthand the inner workings of various sectors, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge. By interacting with industry professionals and experiencing industrial processes up close, students can bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application. These visits provide a unique platform for students to expand their horizons, enhance their understanding of different industries, and ignite their passion for future career paths.


Cemtac Cement

The visit featured a presentation by Mr. Altaf Hussain Pandit, GM, shedding light on industry opportunities. The tour of Alpha transformers imparted practical insights into business processes and entrepreneurship. This initiative underscores IITMS's dedication to blending academics with industry exposure, equipping students for real-world scenarios.

JK Packaging

IITMS organized a transformative industrial visit to JK Packaging on May 31, 2018, for PG students, providing them with hands-on insights into corrugated cardboard box manufacturing. Coordinated by multiple faculty members, including Mr. Mir Zaffar Hussain and Ms. Gousia Nazir, the visit featured presentations by Mr. Zubair Ahmad and Mr. Umar Rashid, emphasizing the scope of the packaging business, entrepreneurial basics, and strategies to navigate challenges, especially during frequent lockdowns in Kashmir.

Zaffron Enterprises

IITM organized an insightful industrial visit to Zaffron Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. on May 31, 2018, for 63 PG students. Coordinated by Mr. Mir Zaffar Hussain, Ms. Gousia Nazir, Ms. Rumysa, Mr. Suhail Javaid, and Ms. Ambreena Muneer, the visit aimed to provide students with practical knowledge in the domain of drinking water suppliers. Mr. Shahnawaz Ahmad Ganai, one of the directors, shared the company's journey and business scope. The visit enabled students to understand business processes, entrepreneurship basics, and strategies for handling challenges, particularly the impact of frequent lockdowns in the Kashmir Valley.

M.J. Plastics

An industrial visit to M.J. Plastics on May 31, 2018, organized by Iqbal Institute of Technology and Management, saw 63 MBA students exploring the manufacturing facility in Khonmoh. M.J. Plastics specializes in LDPE products, plastic bottles, and more. Led by Mr. Abrar Ahmad Wani, students gained insights into technological adoption, risk management, entrepreneurship, and retail business fundamentals. The visit showcased practical applications of business concepts in a real-world setting.

Lelafe IT Solutions

IITM organized an enriching industrial visit to Lelafe IT Solutions Pvt. Limited on May 27, 2018, for 30 PG students from the Computer Science Department. Coordinated by Mr. Mir Zaffar Hussain and Mr. Yasir Saleem, the visit provided insights into Lelafe's global leadership in technology and IT services, covering various aspects like application services, product engineering, mobility solutions, programming services, testing services, UI design services, hosting, and application support. The CEO, Mr. Shamim Ahmad, shared the company's journey and briefed students on the scope of software development.

Industrial Visit to Delhi

An industrial visit was organized by Iqbal Institute of Technology and Management (IITM), where 20 students from the MBA batch of 2017 participated. The visit aimed to provide management students with an opportunity to observe and understand the efficiency, attitude, interest, and communication skills of students. This experience enhances their employment chances in the future. The industrial visit covered 6 different companies in Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Alba Power Pvt. Ltd

Iqbal Institute's recent industrial visit to Alba Power Pvt. Ltd on September 16, 2017, was a crucial learning opportunity for 38 M.B.A students. Coordinated by Mr. Aadil Mehraj and Ms. Rizwana Khursheed, the visit provided practical insights into business processes and entrepreneurship at Alpha transformers. This underscores the college's commitment to impactful, real-world learning.

Comfort Polymers

Iqbal Institute of Management & Studies organized a transformative industrial visit on August 22, 2017, to Comfort Polymers, located in the industrial sector Rangreth, 11 km from Srinagar, for MBA 3rd-semester students. Coordinated by Mrs. Misbah Maqbool and Mrs. Asma Gulzar, the visit aimed to provide practical insights into the polymer industry.