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Guest Lectures

At our college, we believe in providing our students with enriching educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting. One way we achieve this is by inviting distinguished experts, industry professionals, and thought leaders to deliver guest lectures. These guest lectures serve as a valuable platform for our students to gain insights, broaden their perspectives, and engage with experts in various fields.


Project Management

A comprehensive lecture on Project Management was held on April 12, 2019, featuring Mr. Saad Parvez, Associate Professor, and Head of IIED at NIT Srinagar. Mr. Parvez delved into the intricacies of Project Management, emphasizing its application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to meet project parameters efficiently. The lecture covered various stages of Project Management, providing valuable insights for the 40 participating students.

Entrepreneurship Skills and Challenges

An insightful seminar on Entrepreneurship Skills and Challenges was organized on January 30, 2019. Mr. Musaib Nisar, the esteemed founder of Himalayan Peak Wood Industries, served as the guest speaker, sharing invaluable experiences with 35 participating students. The event aimed to equip students with a comprehensive framework and tools to evaluate entrepreneurial ventures, navigate market opportunities, and effectively overcome challenges in the local business landscape.

Career Opportunities in Automobile Sector in India with Special Reference to J&K

This Lecture, delivered by Mr. Pawan Kohli, Vice President A.M TATA Automobiles Tengpora Bypass, focused on the various career options available in the Automobile Industry in India, with a special emphasis on Kashmir. The lecture covered topics such as the roles in the automobile industry, how it works, challenges faced in Kashmir, qualification requirements, work culture hierarchy, and differences between the industry in Kashmir and elsewhere in India. The session also included a feedback and question-answer session.

Industrial Academia Collaborative Program

On 28th September 2017, Mr. Reyaz Akram, Manager Operations at AEGIS Software, SIDCO Software Technology Park Industrial Estate, Rangreth, conducted a lecture at IITM. The focus of the lecture was the Industrial Academia Collaborative Program. Mr. Akram provided insights into the program, its benefits for students and institutes, and the opportunities it offers in his company and other enterprises in Kashmir. He stressed the importance of students availing themselves of this program to gain practical experience in real-life scenarios, making them well-prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

How to Start an Industry

Mr. Er. S.P. Qalandar, Managing Director of R.M.Able Industrial Data Consultants, delivered a lecture on "How to Start an Industry" on 13th September 2017. The lecture began with an update on profitable manufacturing and processing business ideas in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Mr. Qalandar highlighted major industrial areas in Jammu & Kashmir, emphasizing the state's vast investment opportunities due to rich resources in water, agro, forests, herbal, and minerals.

Parameters of Starting an Industry

Mr. Mir Zaffar Hussain's lecture on September 11, 2017, guided 83 students on the nuances of starting an industry in Kashmir. Covering product choice, process selection, financial arrangements, regulatory compliance, and more, the session was a valuable insight for aspiring entrepreneurs, receiving positive student feedback.

Prosperity through Trade

Mrs. Khair Ul Nissa, Executive Director of World Trade Centre, Noida, India, addressed 134 students at IITM on August 26, 2017, discussing "Prosperity through Trade." She highlighted the positive impact of international trade on ending global poverty, debunking protectionist arguments. The session emphasized the historical success of free-trade policies in countries like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, China, and India. Mrs. Nissa's talk motivated students towards entrepreneurship, aligning with the World Trade Centre's belief in achieving prosperity through trade. The lecture concluded with a Q&A, providing students with valuable insights.

Naropa Fellowship Outreach Programme

On June 27, 2019, Mr. Worrin Muivah conducted an outreach program at IITM, introducing Naropa Fellowship Ladakh. Attended by faculty members and 36 PG students, the fellowship offers a postgraduate academic program with a focus on eco-tourism, cultural preservation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and education. The aim is to nurture future leaders dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the Himalayan region.