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faculty of computer science

The computer science faculty at IITM comprises a dynamic team of experienced educators who are passionate about computer science and its applications. They bring extensive expertise in fields such as artificial intelligence, data science, software engineering, and more. With a student-centric approach, the faculty provides an engaging learning experience, emphasizing a hands-on approach through real-world projects, hackathons, and research activities.

The faculty is actively involved in research and innovation, collaborating with industry partners and publishing research papers in renowned conferences and journals. This ensures that students are exposed to the latest developments and trends in computer science. The faculty also provides mentorship and guidance, offering career counseling, guest lectures by industry experts, and facilitating internships and placements.

Overall, the computer science faculty at IITM is committed to providing a world-class education that prepares students for successful careers in the technology industry. They foster innovation, creativity, and critical thinking, helping students develop the skills and mindset to excel in the fast-paced and evolving field of computer science.

meet the experts

Mr. Imran Ahmad KhanAssistant ProfessorMCA17+ yearsOperating Systems, IoT
Mr. Javaid Ahmad ParrayAssistant ProfessorB.Sc, MCA, SET18+ yearsComputer Graphics, Numerical Technques
Mr. Sajad GulAssistant ProfessorBITM, MCA15+ yearsSystem Programming, Data Structures
Ms. Aasifa ArabiAssistant Professor, BCA CoordinatorB.SC Electronics, MCA, M.Phill, Ph.D.17+ yearsProgramming Languages
Ms. Ambreena MuneerAssistant ProfessorB.E CSE, M.Tech CSE5+ yearsBig Data Modeling, Cyber Security, AI
Ms. Qurat AamirAssistant ProfessorBCA, MCA13+ yearsDBMS, Data Mining
Ms. Sabina TariqHOD Computer ScienceNA15+ yearsSoftware Engineering & System Design