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Quality Assurance

At Iqbal Institute of Technology and Management, we are committed to delivering a top-quality educational experience to our students. To ensure the highest standards of excellence, we have implemented a comprehensive Quality Assurance framework. This framework encompasses various processes and practices aimed at continually improving our educational programs and services.

About IQACDiscover how Internal Quality Assurance Cell drives excellence in education at IITM.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell at Iqbal Institute of Technology & Management is dedicated to ensuring top-notch educational standards. We monitor curriculum, faculty, and support services to deliver an enriching learning experience. Join us as we drive educational excellence through IQAC at IITM.

IQAC CompositionExplore the composition of IQAC, the driving force behind educational excellence at IITM.

The IQAC at IITM is composed of a dedicated team of experienced faculty, administrators, and external experts. Together, they work diligently to establish and uphold rigorous quality assurance measures, ensuring educational excellence and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.